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We think that everyone should have the right to have a space to keep special files safe and secure for FREE. SYNCHO cloud storage keeps everything you upload safe, secure, and private using the latest hashing and encryption technology. Only you have access to your files and you can keep them private or you can share them with others - YOUR FILES ARE YOUR FILES.

Because we are a free service, if you do like and use it, please consider Buying Us A Coffee or donating a little to cover storage costs.




Everyone needs privacy and you don't need someone else being able to access your files. Your files are your files.

Easy to Use

Our cloud storage system is easy to upload, download, and even share your files.


Yep, our service won't cost you anything. We would love some donations to help cover costs though.


We use SHA256 hashing and PBKDF2 to ensure your account stays private and secure.


Everyone gets 5GB of space for free. We are planning on increaing it but don't have the budget.

Full Speed

Other file hosting sites either make you wait forever to download or they are super slow. Not with SYNCHO.

Ad Free

Ads suck and almost everyone blocks them anyway. Other times, ads (especially on less-legitimate sites) redirect you to malware and junk to scam you. Because we don't show ads on our site, that means we don't get paid :-( ...but you can always donate ;-)